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Minion Madness

Happy New Year!

It was a bit of a different Christmas holiday around here, with so many people out of power, but we still enjoyed many beautiful moments with family and friends.

And, of course, there was time taken to make a few handmade gifts.  Although I did not take photos of everything I made, there were a few that had their moment with the paparazzi.

And how could you resist when the subject is this cute?

Minion Stuffed Toy

This is Phil.  And although we are still waiting for him to put on his maid’s outfit and clean our house,  it’s been fun having him around.  (Although all of our bananas seem to have gone missing….)  I used the fantastic free pattern and tutorial on We Lived Happily Ever After.

And because we are such big Minion fans here at the moment, I also crocheted this minion hat:

Crocheted Minion Hat

This was another free pattern and comes in all sizes from newborn to adult!  (Oh how thankful I am for all of those generous crafters out there!)  I also really liked this pattern I found on Pinterest, but didn’t think Hubby would like the braided tails!

Then, when our Christmas Eve plans were cancelled due to the crazy weather and power outages, I spent the day on the couch next to my beloved and whipped up one of these for my friend’s little one:

Crochet Puppy Dog Hat

It was fun to get the crochet hooks out again and to make something so little and cute!  This was another great free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

What about you?  Was there holiday crafting at your house this year?


My Very First Sewing Class for Kids

This week I am running a week-long sewing class as part of my school’s after school program.  I must say that I am LOVING it! (yes…that was shouted….with a big smile….and maybe even a little dance across the room in happiness…)   I have a few more students than I originally planned for (as of today, 21 young sewists ages 5 – 10), but with two helpers it has been a manageable number.

The theme of the week is stuffie-making!  (of course!)  We began with a stuffie that we drew on muslin and then stitched to a piece of super-soft fleece.  I got the idea from the book Sewing School and the kids are loving it!

Although the hour seems to fly by and my hands always seem to be busy, I did manage to get some photos of two of the stuffies that were finished today.  You can imagine the proud faces that brought them to me as they declared “I’m finished!”


Aren’t they amazing?

Some of the sewing students are moving on to an all-fleece stuffie tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!




A Trio of Sweater Cats

On Thursday morning I set out to recycle some sweaters into a cute and cuddly cat.

But somehow I couldn’t stop at just one, and by the end of the day 3 soft and fuzzy kitties were ready to meet their new owners!

The photo shoot was almost as much fun as the sewing!  This spunky kitty, whom we have affectionately named “Argyle” enjoys playing hide and seek.

“Socks” is also quite playful!  And his mohair “fur” is so soft and fuzzy!

And then there is this little kitty.  The felted lambswool sweater was one of my favourites, and I have been saving it for just the right project.  Combined with pieces from an angora sweater, this kitty gives some pretty wonderful hugs.

Two of these friends have already found new homes, but Argyle awaits to be discovered by just the right person in the shop.

Meow! :)


A Few New Friends

Making custom creatures is quickly becoming one of my most favourite things to do.  I love the variety of it.  I love the challenge of it.  And I love that what was once a drawing, an idea, something that existed in the imagination, is now a real live stuffed toy, ready to be loved by the one who imagined it.

So I was over-the-moon excited when I was asked to create creatures for children who attended a camp especially for children whose lives have been touched by cancer.  While at camp this summer, they each had the opportunity to draw a creature they would like to see brought to life.  And over the next several months, it is my job to make them a reality.

I am, as always, amazed by the creativity and personality in each drawing.

This bear head was just crying out to be made into a cuddly pillow!  Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this friendly face?

And then there are these two.  Don’t you wish you knew the story behind them?  I know I do….


I am so thankful to be entrusted with this amazing job!  It truly makes me happy to see these three ready to go to their forever homes! :)


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