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New Bathroom – It’s amazing what paint can do!

Our renovations are coming along, and in the midst of it I decided to add a little extra project.  (When you are swamped already, what’s one more, right?)

I wish I could share with you the first set of “before” photos from this bathroom.  It was in poor shape.  But, alas, those photos are on something very old-fashioned called “film.”  But suffice it to say, it was a mess.  We took it back to the framing.  And when we were finished it looked like this.

And for seven years I have loved my blue and white bathroom.  But, as the rest of the house has been finished around it, it’s bright colour started to stick out like a sore thumb.  And since the bathroom is the first thing you see upon entering the house, it needed a change.

Enter Hubby who happened to buy an extra can of the creamy ivory paint we were using downstairs.  Serendipitous.  Because look at our bathroom now.

Amazing what a change paint can provide.  It’s just as bright as it was before, but in a less vibrant way, which I love  even more than I thought I would.  And now, when you enter the house, your eyes aren’t immediately drawn to the bathroom, but take in more of the house as a whole.

Pretty awesome for a few hours work! :)


With a little help from some family (I seriously have the best parents-in-law ever!), we are once again making progress on the basement.  Although another coat is needed in a few places, painting is almost done!

If you missed it, take a peek here for the “before” photos.


Hallway – this colour is called “rich cream” and I love it!

Office.  Hubby picked out this colour.  I tried to convince him to go with something a little more subtle, but my man loves good, solid colour!  Luckily, this is the brightest room in the basement, so I think it can pull it off.

Future sewing room!

Main room, also in the “rich cream” colour.  (I know it doesn’t show up well in the photos, we don’t have all of our lights installed yet.  But trust me, it’s a beautifully creamy colour.)

There is nothing like a few cans of paint to totally transform a space.  And I really don’t mind painting.  Except for ceilings.  I will be happy to never paint another ceiling in my life….

Now it’s time for floors!  (conveniently, it’s also time for me to skip town for a week.  Hmmm…do you think hubby might get that done while I’m away?)  :)

What projects are keeping you busy this summer?

Gardens, and Renos and Projects Galore!

It has been a little quiet on the sewing front in the last month or so.  There have been other projects taking up my time.

The garden is in!  And now it’s just a matter of weeding and watering and harvesting (so far I’ve been eating lettuce and herbs and radishes.)  And yes, the big garden on the left is planted too, but so full of weeds I didn’t want a photo record of it.  A perfect gardener I am not.

And the renovations on the house are moving along at a faster pace since we recently found out we will be having a whole lot of family visiting soon.  And since the kitchen table is currently the only place to sit at our house at the moment, it’s time for us to get a move on!  Nothing like a deadline to get one moving.

But things are coming along.  I forgot to take “before” photos (but I remember keenly the pink insulation/pipes exposed/wires hanging from the ceiling look that our living space has been sporting for the past couple of years.)  As of today, we have….

New Stairs!

New walls!  (The cool opening under the stairs will one day be a built-in bookshelf.)

A bright and sunny office space.

A future dedicated sewing space!

Our future family room!  (We have been without television since the renos began in earnest a few months ago…..not that I have missed it any…..)  I can’t wait to be able to cuddle up to the wood stove on a cold winter’s day with a good book.

It has been a long project, this house of ours.  But I feel so incredibly blessed to have this space to call our own.  And though it may not be our “forever home” it is perfect for us right now.  I wonder what we will do with all our extra time when it is finally finished?  :)

What projects have you been busy with lately?


Kitchen Reno Completed!

Our kitchen reno is done!  Five and a half years after purchasing our fixer-upper I have a beautiful kitchen to cook in!  It has always been a nice big space to work in, but now it looks pretty, too! 

Being naive in the ways of photography and renos when we bought the house, here is the official “before” picture I took oh so long ago….back when we thought renovating a whole house would be a fun project that we could do by ourselves in a couple of years…..if we only knew then what we know now….

This photo was taken just after we had taken possession of the house – we hadn’t even moved in yet as it would be another month before we were married!  I wish we had taken pictures from other angles…but what can you do?

Here are the afters:

I sanded and painted all of the cabinets and installed new knobs and hinges.  Hubby did all of the tile work on the counters and backsplash and built me the shelf over the sink (perfect for growing herbs in the winter!)  We also installed a new sink as the old one had seen better days….

Hubby installed a new door and I made the curtain for the window.  Sometimes at dinner the sun shines right through the window and into our eyes so the shade rolls down when needed. 

More of my beautiful painted cabinets!  Painting cabinets is a tonne of work!  It was a good way to make use of what we already had (and saved us a lot of money on the reno which we could put toward other projects…we are doing the whole house!) but it took me two summers to finish this job.  (sanding, priming, priming, painting, painting, painting….)  I originally planned on painting the kitchen walls green, but in the end I painted the walls this caramel colour that I am absolutely in love with.  The floor is vinyl.  With two outside doors into this room it was the only affordable option that would also stand up to a lot of wet foot traffic.  The table and chairs were a fantastic Kijiji find –  they look brand new!  (In our house that look will not last for long…..)  I made the drapes for the sliding doors.  Making the drapes themselves was a bit frustrating because there was so much fabric and so little space to lay them out to pin them and they kept slipping off the ironing board and sewing table, however, I love the way they look and think the fabric is perfect for this room!  This was also my first opportunity to use grommets and I have to say…I love them!  I will definitely be looking for more grommet projects in the future – they are so fun and easy to put in!  And they look good, too!

One of my favourite things in the new kitchen is this spice rack. 

My aunt collected them over a number of years and she recently gave them to me as she was moving to a smaller home.  I had such fun opening all the little boxes and seeing each individual spice bottle.  Each one has a different carousel animal on it.  I smile every time I see them!

This is the first room in our house that is completely finished.  One down, four more to go! :)

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