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Minion Madness

Happy New Year!

It was a bit of a different Christmas holiday around here, with so many people out of power, but we still enjoyed many beautiful moments with family and friends.

And, of course, there was time taken to make a few handmade gifts.  Although I did not take photos of everything I made, there were a few that had their moment with the paparazzi.

And how could you resist when the subject is this cute?

Minion Stuffed Toy

This is Phil.  And although we are still waiting for him to put on his maid’s outfit and clean our house,  it’s been fun having him around.  (Although all of our bananas seem to have gone missing….)  I used the fantastic free pattern and tutorial on We Lived Happily Ever After.

And because we are such big Minion fans here at the moment, I also crocheted this minion hat:

Crocheted Minion Hat

This was another free pattern and comes in all sizes from newborn to adult!  (Oh how thankful I am for all of those generous crafters out there!)  I also really liked this pattern I found on Pinterest, but didn’t think Hubby would like the braided tails!

Then, when our Christmas Eve plans were cancelled due to the crazy weather and power outages, I spent the day on the couch next to my beloved and whipped up one of these for my friend’s little one:

Crochet Puppy Dog Hat

It was fun to get the crochet hooks out again and to make something so little and cute!  This was another great free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

What about you?  Was there holiday crafting at your house this year?


Crochet Hook Roll

Have you discovered Sew Can She yet?   Caroline posts a brand new sewing tutorial every day.  It’s awesome!

A few weeks ago she was looking for some volunteers to test some of the tutorials before she posted them.  And since testing is something I love to do, I of course volunteered right away!

My first project – a crochet hook case.  I wonder how she knew I needed one?

This is my old crochet case.  You will notice that the hooks are suspiciously missing.  This is due to the fact that for some reason the hooks keep falling out of their holding slots, and then the case doesn’t actually close when I think it’s closed, and the next thing you know the hooks are scattered all over my yarn drawer.

But no longer.

Check out my beautiful new hook holder!

I followed the tutorial almost exactly, except that I changed where I used the different fabrics in order to make use of what I had left of this beautiful celestial fabric.

Every hook now has its own place, with room to grow.  And I love that there are slots for yarn needles and stitch markers too.

The tutorial for the hook holder can be found at Little Birdie secrets.  Check out Sew Can She for daily tutorials, and look at the archives for even more fabulous sewing tutorials in 6 different categories.

What have you been sewing lately?

New from the Nightstand – January Edition

I have quite an eclectic mix of books to share today.  I actually allowed myself the pleasure of devouring a few fiction selections in the last few weeks, and devoured they were! :)   I also discovered a new non-fiction favourite and attempted some projects from a crochet book. 

I told you I would come back to this.  The author describes the Renaissance Soul as a person who is multi-passionate.  The kind of person who loves change, variety, and moving in new and different directions all the time.  (She had me from the title – I know who I am!)  I absolutely love this book!  It has been instrumental in helping me to find focus, weigh priorities, deal with my want to do everything and all at once, and with more than a little help from Michelle Ward, is helping me to design a life and business that fits my dreams and personality.  A must read for anyone who struggles with balancing diverse interests and passions.

Ok…I know I’m a little late in picking this one up.  (After all, the book was released years ago and the movie hype has long died down.)  But I’ve never been one to do something when everyone else is anyway….(hmm…or at least not since I left high school…)  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I have not seen the movie, so was not tainted by visions of actors dancing in my head.  This book takes you an a journey, lets you spend a year in the life of the author, and allows you to meet a host of wonderful people in the process.  It’s not a high-action, can’t-wait-to-see-what-happens-next page- turner, but it’s honest, engaging, and satisfying.  I will definitely be seeking out more from this author!

This was a book that I loved, until I actually started trying to make one of the projects in it.  I love all of the full-colour photos, the wide range of projects, the fun and casual writing style.  Where I ran into problems was in trying to follow the patterns.  And perhaps I just happened to pick the project with the most errors, but errors there are.  Enough errors to fill two pages on the errata link (although I believe these have been corrected in the 2nd edition), and then I discovered some that were not on the errata list at all!   Although I gained a lot of crochet practice and was really proud of myself for not only finding the errors, but figuring out how to fix them (After all, I’m no expert crocheter)  in the end, it just seemed like too much work and time when there were other projects I wanted to tackle, and I gave up on the book. 

This was a fun read!  Especially if you are a fan of food tv (which I am!)  The characters are interesting, the story enjoyable, and I was happy with the ending.  It’s one of those books that makes you smile and then you pass it on to a friend so they can smile too (which is how I ended up with my copy, which I then passed on to my mom!) 

What books are on your nightstand?  Please share your favourites in the comments – you can never have too many books to read!

Another Crochet Project – Mary Jane Slippers

One of the projects I really wanted to crochet was a cute pair of bunny slippers from this book.  I really gave it my best shot (and persevered long after the point I would usually give up – this is what being on vacation allows me to do!)  But in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be. 

And maybe it was for the best.

Because instead I made these super-cute Mary Jane slippers:

I just love them!  They were fun and easy to make, and only took a few hours.  I also found them easy to customize and to add a row here and there for the perfect fit. 

If you crochet, and would like to make your own, you will find the pattern here.  I’m so thankful for talented crafters who share their expertise through tutorials, aren’t you?   


In love with Amigurumi

So what does a sewer do when she is on vacation? 

Crochet, of course!

I am lucky enough to have a mother who is a master crocheter, so when I went to visit my parents over the holidays, I had a few patterns I wanted to try out with her guidance.

My planned projects didn’t work out so well (there were so many errors in the first pattern I tried that I actually gave up on the whole book), but I discovered a book an Amigurumi and now I am hooked!  (Yes, that pun was totally intended.)

According to my pattern book, Amigurmi is a Japanese word referring to small knit or crochet dolls, and in the crochet world has become synonymous with crocheting in the round in single crochet. 

Mom and I had a great time sitting and crocheting together, and I made four of these cute creatures (and all but one have already found their new homes!)

I made two of these hippos, one with a slightly larger hook for a bigger beast.

This owl is all set to deliver a birthday gift by “owl post.”  (If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will know what I mean!)

(As a side note, I took these photos outside, without a coat, in my sock feet, at the beginning of January.  The grass is even green!  Crazy weather we are having this year – although winter certainly rolled in today!)

And finally, I made this little seal. 

I think they are irresistibly cute and I can’t wait to make some more!

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