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Moving Sale!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Everything Else | 0 comments

I know things have been very quiet around this blog lately, but there has certainly been a lot going on.  The biggest news is – we’re moving!  And although we aren’t going too far, just up the river to another small town, it will mean a new house, a new community, and new jobs for both hubby and myself.

And since I would much rather pack up the items in my shop and send them to you, rather than store them until we move into our new home, I am celebrating our move with a moving sale!  Use the coupon code “MovingSale” and receive 20% off everything in the shop! (except for custom orders, of course.)

Moving Sale

And although Create-a-Creatures are not on sale, I will only be accepting summer orders until June 30, and will drastically be reducing the number of orders I take on in the Fall.  So if you have been thinking of having a creature made, or know there is a birthday coming up, or are even thinking ahead to Christmas, now is the time to get your project on my list!

And now the packing begins!  Does anyone have any great packing/moving advice?  

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More Drawings Come to Life!

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Sewing | 3 comments

It’s been busy around here as the sewing machine has been humming, my hand-sewing skills have been tested, and I’ve been experimenting with new materials.  16 creatures are almost ready to make the journey to their new homes.  This is the last of the group of 43 that I have been working on for the summer camp.    Here are a few of the creatures ready to meet their new owners:

Children's Drawing Brought To life!

I love all of the detailed instructions on this one!  I hope I got it just right!


The lovely Dianne Fisher of LittleFishCreations adapted her fabric design just for this fish!


“Like a Boss” was a bit of a theme with some of these campers.  In this case, the lettering on the bear’s shirt was done with fabric paint, to mimic the block letters the artist wanted.

Create-a-Creature by Artisan in the WoodsAnd a challenge – how to make the dragon standing instead of sitting.  I’ll admit this one took a bit of drawing and redrawing to get just right,  but I love how it turned out and I think he’s a nice cross between fierce and friendly.  But then again, I’ve always wanted a pet dragon! :)

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I am NOT just a sewing machine

Posted by on Feb 20, 2013 in life | 1 comment

Looking back at my blog posts over the last few months it might seem to you that I do nothing but sew cute cuddly create-a-creatures.   And although that part of my life and business seems to have grown exponentially and taken up a larger portion of my time – I really have been doing more than just sewing!

And so, as friends who have been out of touch for awhile, let’s get caught up!  Here’s what’s been happening in my neck of the woods:

1.  I am teaching Kindergarten again, which I love.  This year I started a class blog (for parents of students only – sorry) and I love, love, love being able to share all of the crazy, happy, exciting moments of our days together.  One of my favourites from the past few weeks was creating a blizzard in the gym using crumpled up pieces of scrap paper.  One of my students said “This is the best day ever!”  I love hearing that!

Kindergarten Artwork

2.  I have just started reading this book.  I have had a hold on it at the library for so long that I can no longer remember who recommended it to me or why I wanted to read it.  What I’ve read so far makes sense, but the jury is still out…

3.  This song has become one of my favourites.  I love the imagery in it.  Wow.

4.  I have discovered that I love green smoothies.  It’s funny how your tastes change over time.  My current favourite mixture is kale, frozen peaches, spirulina, a little maple syrup, and almond or coconut milk.  It’s very green, but good.

5.  I feel like I have become an expert in Disney World vacations – and I haven’t even been yet!  I read this book and this book cover to cover.  I never knew there was so much attention to detail in the parks, I guess as a kid you don’t really notice or remember those things.  I am looking forward to experiencing it all as an adult.

6.  Truth be told, I really have been spending most of my time sewing creatures, and I love it.  But I am also hoping to take some time to finish up some other projects I started last year (um…yeah..and some I started the year before that.)  This year I have vowed to not buy any new fabric until I finish up old projects – it’s only February and it has already been a hard promise to keep!  But there are several of those old projects that I am really looking forward to finishing and hopefully can share with you soon!  In the meantime, one of my current favourite custom pieces.  I love the ruffles on the dress!

And now it’s your turn!  What’s been happening with you these last few months?  Any exciting books, or songs, or projects on the go?


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More Creature Friends

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Sewing | 2 comments

After yesterday’s post, I thought I had better hop over here and post something a little brighter.

These past two days I have been sewing non-stop, and here are the fruits of my labours:

This is definitely one of my new favourites! :)

This one was fashioned after a real dog!

I love the unicorn horn on top of his head!

And a striped kitty!

I made two others today, but not before the light was gone.  I’ll save those for another day!

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Is it really February?

Posted by on Feb 9, 2013 in life, Sewing | 1 comment

Some people say that as you get older, time seems to go faster.  Well, I am not that old, but I can’t imagine a month flying by faster than this past January.  Despite the weeks of cold weather, in a month that often drags by, I just looked at the calendar and can’t believe that we are well into February now.

Where did that time go?

Well, for one thing I have been busy with custom creatures.  At the moment I am accepting new orders to be started in April!  I have never had a waiting list before which is both exciting and overwhelming.  Sometimes I wish I had the time to tackle every new project right now! :)

I have still been working my way through orders for the children’s camp, and I finally updated my Flickr page to showcase all of the creatures I have created so far.  It’s become quite a little collection.   I have been enjoying making the little creatures for the camp so much I think I might add this smaller option to the shop this spring – stay tuned for details!

And in between all that I squeezed in a custom baby toy.  This little guy was fashioned after a favourite childhood toy of a woman who is now expecting her first baby.  What a unique and special baby shower gift this will be!  I can see why she must have liked it so much – this inside-at-night photo doesn’t quite do it justice – it’s a pretty cute toy!

In the midst of all of this creature craziness we have also been busy planning a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth.  I haven’t been since I was a young child and my husband has never been, and we are so excited to be sharing in the magic with our very best friends and their two girls.  I’m not sure who is more excited – the adults or the kids, and I think it might be the adults! :)  In the midst of one of the coldest winters in recent memory, I must admit I am also looking forward to going somewhere warm!

Does anyone else find the time flying by?  What projects are keeping you busy?




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