Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from my house to yours!  I hope you all have a joy-filled holiday!

This was the view from our deck on Wednesday.  Unfortunately the rains came today and there is very little snow left.  I am still dreaming of a white Christmas…how about you?

Enjoy this beautiful time of year!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

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Happy Easter

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He has risen!  He has risen indeed!

Although the snow (yes, snow!) may fall outside, inside we rejoice because He lives!

I am sure the snow won’t last long, but it is a strange sight to see on an April Easter morning.  Especially when it felt like summer only a few short weeks ago.

I was, however, excited to see the first few sprouts poking out of the soil this morning.  Spring is coming!

I hope wherever you are, and whatever the weather, you enjoy a wonderful Easter!

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Hippity Hoppity Easter’s On It’s Way….

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Can you believe that Easter is only a month away?

On a snowy blustery day like today it doesn’t seem possible that spring is almost here.

The sewing room has turned into a bit of a bunny workshop over the last few weeks, with easter eggs and soft little bunnies topping my to-do list. 

Photographing Easter bunnies in the snow somehow doesn’t seem right, but I managed to get a few shots in before the snow really started to fall this morning.

Meet my new bunny friends!



Both are made from felted wool sweaters, but the pink one is Cashmere.  (It’s always a happy day when I find a Cashmere sweater in need of a new home!)

Both bunnies can be found in the shop, hopefully soon to be joined by Easter eggs and some other bunny friends.

Bring on spring!

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Valentine’s Dinner

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As I have mentioned before, it is tradition around here for Hubby to create a gourmet meal for me on Valentine’s Day.  I always feel like a princess when he has put so much time and care into making something really special.

This year, all of the recipes came from Gordon Ramsay’s book “Healthy Appetites.”

Our meal featured a roast leg of lamb.  Covered in a paprika spice rub and cooked with oranges this was quite a treat.  Especially since neither one of us has ever eaten lamb before!  I think I’ll be spending some time this week finding some good recipes for leftover roast lamb! :)

He also created a lovely sweet potato frittata with homemade tomato salsa.  Hubby will not usually eat sweet potatoes, but he chose this recipe because he knows I love them!  What a sweetheart! (and incidentally, he found he enjoyed the potatoes cooked this way – score one for Gordon Ramsay!)

We ended our meal with this beautiful spiced apple cake.  This was definitely one of the best apple cakes I have ever had – full of spice, and oh so moist! (and it was even made with whole wheat flour!)  I admit that I had seconds of dessert! 

The frittata and apple cake are definitely going to be added to our family recipe box.  And although I don’t know that I will be cooking a leg of lamb anytime soon, I might get adventurous enough to try more lamb recipes in the future.

It was a beautiful meal and a fun evening!  Did anything special happen at your house this Valentine’s Day?


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10 Easy Ideas for a Handmade Valentine’s Day

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I admit that I am often a last-minute person.  Although I have great plans for holidays that might start months in advance, the bulk of the work is usually done a day or two before.  And so, Valentine’s day is almost upon us, and I have been busy preparing both a meaningful way to share the day with my hubby, and some fun ways to celebrate with my students.

If you are like me, and your holiday planning happens last-minute, here are some fun and easy ideas for a handmade holiday that you still have time to do before Tuesday!

1.  Take advantage of some of the beautiful printable Valentines available in blogland (this site is a good resource) for unique cards for all of the people on your list. 

2.  Make cute origami hearts (found here.)  One year I made one for each of my students!

3.   Make heart-shaped cookies.  You could even write the Valentine message in icing and skip cards altogether!

4.  For the love of your life, make a set of Valentine coupons.  Take little slips of paper and write things such as “Good for one back massage” or “Redeemable for watching a movie of your choice together” or whatever you think your love would like the best.  You could staple them into a book or fold them and put them into a glass jar tied with a red ribbon.   

5.  Create a video telling your Valentine how much you love them.  Use your camera, or create a slide show of pictures with a favourite song in the background.  If you have never done this before, Windows Movie Maker is an easy way to put together videos of this type. 

6.  Make a personalized card by printing out photos of things you and your Valentine have done together and pasting them onto a heart-shaped cut-out.  (Hubby made one of these for me one year and I LOVED it!)

7.  Create “Heartbreaker” Valentines  from stapled paper stuffed with treats!  

8.  Make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast.  (If you don’t have a heart-shaped mold and find it hard to pour the batter in a heart-shape, just use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape once the pancakes are cooked.)

9.  Use a heart cookie cutter to create heart-shaped sandwiches for a special lunch.

10.  Make a “Sweet Memories” jar or an “I love you because” jar.  Find a pretty jar (or box or tin) and some small pieces of paper.  For a “Sweet Memories” jar, write a memory you have of being together on each piece of paper and then put it in the jar.  For an “I love you because..” jar, write things you love about the person instead.  I have been lucky enough to be a recipient of both of these kinds of gifts and still cherish them years after they have been given.

Here’s to another handmade holiday!

What do you like to do to make Valentine’s Day special?

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The day before a New Year

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It doesn’t seem possible that another year has gone by and we are once again looking at starting a brand new year tomorrow.  When I was younger, each year seemed to stretch out forever, and now they seem to slip by in a heartbeat. 

But despite the speedy passing of each day, I look towards the new year, like so many others, as a “fresh start.”  A blank slate where I can redesign my life, make new things happen, shake off some of the bindings of the past year and begin again.

Which is a lot to put on the turning of a page on the calendar, and yet each year I do it with a hope that there are exciting things waiting for me in the months to come. 

And there always are.  Quite mixed in with the lumps and bumps in the road there are always those moments of excitement and change, the glimmerings of dreams turning into realities.

And it is these moments that I want to dwell on at the end of the year.  There are always the negatives.  But the positives are what we celebrate – and in the strange way that our world and minds work, the more we celebrate the positives, the more positives we find!  (maybe THIS will be the year I become a full-fledged optimist??!! )  I have many hopes and dreams for 2012, but just for today, I am going to quell the dreamer in me that always wants to looks at what’s next. and for once savour and enjoy the joys that have already come to pass.     

Although I have not spent as much time here this year as in the past, I feel blessed to have this place to share my thoughts and ideas, to swap recipes, to share the joy of creating something new with others, to watch our gardens grow, to document the things that happen in my little corner of the world.  I am thankful for each one of you who has shared this year with me, both old friends and new, and look forward to whatever 2012 will hold!

Happy New Year!  Wishing you all the best in 2012!

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