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Tunic Sewing B6366 and My First Small Bust Adjustment

B6366 Tunic Artisan in the Woods

A Tunic and leggings has become one of my favourite go-to outfit combinations.  They are comfy no matter what I get into at work and they can be made dressy enough to meet our business casual dress code.

This is B6366, my first ever Butterick sewing pattern.

The fabric is a super-soft knit fabric that I found on clearance for $3/meter.  $6 for a made-to-measure tunic?  Yes, please!

First of all, the tunic pattern.

It was incredibly easy to follow.  I had absolutely no issues with the pattern or the directions.  I do wish there was a little more ease in the hips, so the next time I make this I will add another inch or two.

B6366 Tunic Artisan in the Woods

Secondly, the Small Bust Adjustment

Although I have sewn quite a bit of clothing for me, I am continually plagued by poor fit.  I have tried adjusting for bust point and small bust, with varying degrees of success.

But this Craftsy class on bust adjustments has changed my sewing life.  The instructor made the changes I needed to make extremely clear, and corrected a problem I didn’t know I had – choosing a size based on my bust size and ending up with a garment that is too small for the rest of my torso.

It took my a good hour to make the adjustments I needed – raise bust point by almost two inches! and then decrease from B cup to A cup.   But it worked!  I am so happy with the way this tunic fits the upper part of my body.

B6366 Tunic Artisan in the Woods

One goal met!

This is my first sew, for me, this year.  It’s also the first off of my #2018makenine list completed.  8 left to go!

What have you been creating?

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