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How to Crochet a Popcorn

Looking for a stitch that will add a little texture to your next crochet project?

Try a popcorn!

These little bobbles add weight and interest to any crochet design, and they are super easy to stitch!

A popcorn takes the place of one stitch in a double crochet pattern.

How to Crochet a Popcorn

To begin, crochet four double crochets into the same stitch.

On the last double crochet, draw up a loop, then remove hook.

Insert the hook through the top of your first double crochet, and then through the loop you pulled up on the last double crochet.

Pull the loop through the first double crochet.

That’s it!  You have made a popcorn stitch!


In a pattern, you would now continue to crochet double crochets as normal until you are ready to add the next popcorn stitch.

The popcorn was the first fancy stitch I learned to crochet, and is part of the design of our Ripple Waves pattern.

Now go and add popcorns to all your projects!  If you use the stitch, I’d love to hear about what you made!




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