It’s GIveaway Day! Win a travel game for kids!

Happy Giveaway Day and welcome visitors from Sew, Mama, Sew!

Today you have the chance to win this little travel fishing game in a tin!    With summer vacation almost here, it could be the perfect thing for road trips, camping, cottaging, and even rainy days at home.

Travel Fishing Game in a Tin Travel Fishing Game in a Tin

Travel Fishing Game

I am willing to ship this little game anywhere in the world.  To enter, leave me a comment letting me know something you are looking forward to this summer, or your favourite warm-weather activity.  My husband and I are hikers and are looking forward to hitting the trails (as of last week-end we were still hiking in our snow boots!)

Amanda is our winner!  Thank you everyone for entering!

I am also revamping my Etsy shop and am having a huge clearance sale!  Travel games, wool sweater mittens, slippers, stuffies, iPod cases and laptop cozies,  recycled denim bags, children’s clothes, it’s all on sale!   Please stop by for some great handmade deals.  This could be a good chance to start your Christmas shopping early! 🙂

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78 Responses to It’s GIveaway Day! Win a travel game for kids!

  1. I am looking forward to spending some time with my hubby this summer. He is a teacher so he gets summers off!! Camping and the beach are in our sites. This little fishing game tin is ADORABLE by the way.

  2. I enjoy going to our local fsrmers market on Friday afternoons. It’s always interesting to see what is offered for sale. Prices are somewhat higher than the grocery stores, but the flavor of the veggies is well worth it. They also have a Master Gardeners table A couple of years back they helped me identify milkweed that I had growing in my flower garden.

  3. I am looking forward to visiting the beach without a winter coat. My son is looking forward to hiking, so I better start looking forward to that, too. 😉

  4. Ive been hording these little tins but havnt yet made anything. Id love to keep yours in my purse for the kids. I love summer. My big girl is ready to ride roller coasters at a local theme park that my mommy took me to when I was young. I look forward to sharing these memories with her this summer.

    Also, I see you hike. I dont often, but I am looking forward to an upcoming wedding in columbia river gorge and have a few family freindly waterfall hikes im excited for.

  5. being done at university – camping in the garden for at least 1 week ok I might cycle home for a shower now and then, but lots of reading and no internet and berries from the source and maybe get a start on all the binding I need to hand-sew to the backs ….

  6. What a cute idea for a tin! I was at the ocean for the first time in my life (60+ years old) last week! And, my family has a trip planned to Branson, MO.

  7. I’m looking forward to a trip to Toronto in July with my husband and kids to see the Pam American Games!

  8. We’re heading up to Banff (National Park?) in Canada this sunmer. I’ve heard great things about the beauty to expect!

  9. I’m looking forward to spending time with our 2.5 year old grandson. He’s love to “go fishing.”

  10. Summer is my least favorite time of the year, but I do look forward to sewing in my new basement sewing room.

  11. Our friends are treating us to a getaway in the woods this summer. I just hope it’s as friendly as they are making it out to be!

  12. I am looking forward to going on lots of day trips with my kids, and doing the library summer reading program.

  13. My favourite summer activity is camping. Now that the kids are old enough to enjoy it without waking up at 5:00 am every morning it’s even better. 🙂

  14. My favourite summer activity is to go on picnics in gorgeous locations, which we rarely get to do because it usually gets so hot here in summer that we end up going to the swimming pool or hiding indoors!

  15. How cute is that! The summer thing I’m looking forward to going to Williamsburg, VA for a couple of days with a few other families from our church 🙂

  16. The girls and I are going to work on renovating their playhouse this summer! A few years ago, I traded it for a chocolate cake, but it had been used as a chicken coop, so it needs a lot of work still.

  17. I love to go camping with my children. Especially down to the beach, we take our bikes and spend the day riding and swimming and sleeping under the stars.

  18. What a cute cute cute game! I am looking forward to family visiting from across the country. We see each other too rarely! 🙂

  19. this is super cute! I love the warm weather for sewing with all the doors and windows open. Just about everything is better in the warm season, so I’m not cold all the time!

  20. I’m looking forward to biking with my husband and two boys! We live right near a bike path and it’s easy to head out any time of day for a family ride 🙂

  21. Definitely looking forward to playing in the sand with my daughters on a beach this summer! We usually end up making a sand car too!

  22. I am looking forward to sewing with a friend in the outside screen room. the birds and flowers make a scented easy on the eyes background which is perfect for creativity. dawnieq73 at aol dot com

  23. Love the game!
    I am looking forward to spending days with my boys on the beach. It is my favorite thing in the summer.
    My email is flapflap(at)

  24. I’m looking forward to a peaceful time where we can spend some time in the garden. We’ve had two very difficult summers these last two years so we just want some peace and quiet this year.

  25. I am also looking forward to hiking with our kids! We have recently moved to a new area and there are so very many trails for us to explore.

  26. I have one child getting married, another with her family coming to visit and one going off to college. It’s going to be busy.

  27. I am looking forward to working in my yard–mainly my vegetable garden, having barbecues and celebrating my daughters 5th birthday in August!

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  28. Super cute! My son would love that. I can’t wait until our localish splash pad is open so I can take my son – last year he was on the little side but I think this year he will have a blast.

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