More Drawings Come to Life!

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Sewing | 3 comments

It’s been busy around here as the sewing machine has been humming, my hand-sewing skills have been tested, and I’ve been experimenting with new materials.  16 creatures are almost ready to make the journey to their new homes.  This is the last of the group of 43 that I have been working on for the summer camp.    Here are a few of the creatures ready to meet their new owners:

Children's Drawing Brought To life!

I love all of the detailed instructions on this one!  I hope I got it just right!


The lovely Dianne Fisher of LittleFishCreations adapted her fabric design just for this fish!


“Like a Boss” was a bit of a theme with some of these campers.  In this case, the lettering on the bear’s shirt was done with fabric paint, to mimic the block letters the artist wanted.

Create-a-Creature by Artisan in the WoodsAnd a challenge – how to make the dragon standing instead of sitting.  I’ll admit this one took a bit of drawing and redrawing to get just right,  but I love how it turned out and I think he’s a nice cross between fierce and friendly.  But then again, I’ve always wanted a pet dragon! :)

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  1. These are absolutely incredible! I love the special requests and instructions! You are just rocking these! Congrats!

  2. You are SO talented! I love seeing how you bring children’s drawing to life – incredible! Your attention to detail is fantastic and I know the artists probably really appreciate this. Wonderful!

  3. WOW! This is amazing. You really put your heart into this and it shows. What a project. I bet the kids thought this was thrilling. I write songs with kids and they get so excited when I use their ideas in a song, I can’t imagine how they must feel to hold an object they imagined in their hands.

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