Meet The New Additions!

Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in life | 2 comments

There has been a lot of sadness around here lately, but even sadness comes with a measure of joy.  And these two have been my joy:


Meet Albus (above) and Minerva, (also known as Minnie.)  If you are a reader of a certain series of children’s books involving a boy wizard you will probably recognize the names! (Yes, I am totally THAT kind of person.  My last guinea pig was named Merlin and my grey lop-eared rabbit was Gandolph the Grey. I seem to have a thing for literary wizards.)  :)

I find it impossible not to smile when looking into the face of a guinea pig.  And although the woman I bought them from was surprised when I didn’t come to pick them up with children in tow (“Are they for you?”) they have brought a lot of laughter into this house in the last few weeks.

And Albus right now is totally flaked out in the corner of the home I built for them, sleeping with his eyes closed.  (A real sign of trust and relaxation in a guinea pig.)  And that makes me happy.

Do you have animals in your life that bring you joy?


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  1. They are so cute Andrea. I’m sure they will bring you so much joy. My daughter had 2 guinea pigs over a 12-year span (at different times). Now we have an Australian Shepherd/rough collie… he brings so much joy to our family… and dirty floors to go with it. :)

    • Dirty floors are a small price to pay for joy, right? :)

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