Happy Easter

He has risen!  He has risen indeed!

Although the snow (yes, snow!) may fall outside, inside we rejoice because He lives!

I am sure the snow won’t last long, but it is a strange sight to see on an April Easter morning.  Especially when it felt like summer only a few short weeks ago.

I was, however, excited to see the first few sprouts poking out of the soil this morning.  Spring is coming!

I hope wherever you are, and whatever the weather, you enjoy a wonderful Easter!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Sally

    I love your little sprouting containers…that’s a genius idea! I wish I had what I feel is enough space to devote to sprouting my own seeds.

    1. Andi Post author

      It’s always a tight squeeze around here when it’s seed starting time – but it’s so worth it to see those little sprouts come up when it’s still cold and snowy outside!


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