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I had a big job to do on Friday that I have been putting off for awhile.  In order to make it easier, I promised myself a reward at the end of the task.  I decided that once it was done I would take the time to sew something for myself.

Several hours later, the work was finished and I was ready to sew!  I really didn’t know what I wanted to make until I was trying to shut my wallet away and couldn’t get it to close.

I played with it for a bit trying to figure out what was going on – it isn’t like there was a lot of money in there!

And then I found the culprit – I had stashed some of my beautiful new business cards in one of the pockets so I would have them to hand out as the opportunity arose.

Obviously, if I wanted my wallet to close, that wasn’t going to work.  And so I knew what I needed to make – I needed a business card holder!

And if I was going to make a business card holder, wouldn’t it be nice if it reflected the items I actually make for my shop?

A few hours of hand-sewing later (I must pause here and say what a luxury it is to take time to sew by hand now and again) and my new holder was finished!

It’s made out of a felted wool sweater, with some wool fabric scraps I had purchased from Quilting Acres several months ago. 

The tree is perfect for Artisan in the Woods, and the cards sit snugly inside, until they find their new homes!

I am in love with my Moo cards – aren’t they pretty?

I found inspiration for my card holder here.

Do you ever promise yourself a reward when you have a hard job to do?

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