In love with Amigurumi

So what does a sewer do when she is on vacation? 

Crochet, of course!

I am lucky enough to have a mother who is a master crocheter, so when I went to visit my parents over the holidays, I had a few patterns I wanted to try out with her guidance.

My planned projects didn’t work out so well (there were so many errors in the first pattern I tried that I actually gave up on the whole book), but I discovered a book an Amigurumi and now I am hooked!  (Yes, that pun was totally intended.)

According to my pattern book, Amigurmi is a Japanese word referring to small knit or crochet dolls, and in the crochet world has become synonymous with crocheting in the round in single crochet. 

Mom and I had a great time sitting and crocheting together, and I made four of these cute creatures (and all but one have already found their new homes!)

I made two of these hippos, one with a slightly larger hook for a bigger beast.

This owl is all set to deliver a birthday gift by “owl post.”  (If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will know what I mean!)

(As a side note, I took these photos outside, without a coat, in my sock feet, at the beginning of January.  The grass is even green!  Crazy weather we are having this year – although winter certainly rolled in today!)

And finally, I made this little seal. 

I think they are irresistibly cute and I can’t wait to make some more!

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