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A Handmade Holiday

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I have enjoyed a wonderful (snowy!) holiday with family and friends (and our celebrating isn’t done yet!)  One of my favourite things about Christmas is making handmade gifts.  And although I didn’t make quite as many gifts as I usually do, a few handmade things made their way under the tree.


I have a very good friend who has been wanting a Gryffindor scarf for a very long time.  This is only the 3rd thing I have ever knit, and the first time I have ever done the seed stitch, so, although it took a few visits from my mother-in-law for help, I am quite proud of the finished project!  And I now know how to knit! (well, scarves anyway!)  The pattern I used can be found here.

Then came this angry little fellow.

If you love Angry Birds, tutorials for the whole collection can be found here.  I have never played the game and am still tempted to make them all, just because they are so much fun!   

My sister-in-law asked for a quilted case for her hair dryer.  This is what I cae up with:



The button almost didn’t make it on, because my sewing machine was convinced that there was no such thing as a button bigger than an inch!  But I persevered and am glad that I did, a smaller button just wouldn’t have had the same impact.

Before Christmas my sister-in-law and I visited a craft show together.  We spent a long time looking at some fabulous mittens made out of old sweaters.  After she decided not to buy herself some, I knew what I had to make her for Christmas!  I found this excellent pattern on Etsy, and made two pairs, one for her and one for my mother-in-law.



This was my first experience at felting sweaters, and I must admit that I think I am hooked!  The mittens are lined with polar fleece, so they are extra warm!  And I couldn’t resist these little gingham buttons:


For my mother-in-law, I used a Cashmere sweater for both the outside and the lining. 




A fancy button finishes them off nicely.

The last gift was a scarf made out of a very soft and lacy sweater, based on s0mething I found in this book.  I really love the way it ruffles along the yarn – and it looks much better on a person than it does on my deck post!



I didn’t quite get to everything on my “to make for Christmas list.”  Next year I definitely need to start in September!  And I still have a few things to whip up before the last family gathering on Jan. 1.  (I always make Pjs for my nephews and I have another little something I want to try out – I’ll post pictures if it works!) 

I also received some really wonderful handmade gifts.  My husband surprised me with a Kayak he restored and a paddle he made himself!  This was completely unexpected (I never would have dreamed of getting a kayak for Christmas!)  My mother-in-law also made me a beautiful quilted and embroidered wall-hanging for my sewing room.  And beyond the gifts I feel blessed to have been able to spend time with family and friends over the holidays – it’s been a wonderful Christmas!

Did you give or receive any handmade gifts this year?

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