It’s Giveaway Day!

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Sewing | 74 comments

Welcome to giveaway day!  I know it’s a busy day of blog hopping so I’ll keep this simple.

Today I am giving away this pretty black and pink apron (made from a pattern in Sew Liberated - I love that book!).

The front is pretty enough, but my favourite feature is the lace-up back. 

I’m willing to send this to anyone, anywhere in the world.

For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  To keep things interesting, tell me about one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

I’ll announce the winner on the evening of the 16. 

Please check out my other giveaway, and all of the giveaways on Sew, Mama, Sew!




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  1. The first year we were married, my husband handmade a manger to put under our tree. Such a treasure!

  2. One of the best gifts I ever received was my favorite quilt that my grandma made. She passed away 2 years ago, and my dad wrapped it up for me for my birthday last year.

  3. My most memorable Christmas gift was when my husband proposed to me by wrapping the ring (in it’s box) inside a new cozy blanket for the bed. I could NOT figure out why in the world we had to make the bed right after opening presents & my kids needed to help?!

  4. I love the lace up in the back of your apron, too!

    I think my fav and most useful gift I have received is my sewing machine. Actually my sewing machine and my serger, in two consecutive years from my parents.

  5. What a lovely apron. My best gift is my son.

  6. That’s gorgeous! I love the lace up back! The best gift I have ever received has been the DSLR camera my hubby bought me last year. It means I can capture memories for years to come!

  7. My sewing machine and my knitting needle set are pretty much tied for the best gifts.

  8. best present is my honeymoon

  9. Love the grommets! (Well, I REALLY don’t love doing them, but they look fabulous here.) It’s embarrassing, but one of my all time favorite gifts is my animal Dyson vacuum. I’m a tad OCD and mildly allergic to our dog and our cat. It’s WIN all around.

  10. i love this apron! Gorgeous. Two years ago, my husband surprised me with a baby goat! i have been wanting goats forever, so it was a wonderful gift! thanks for the chance!

  11. My new sewing machine that my hubby gave me after the birth of my second child was the best!

  12. My hubby and I, after 21 Chrstmases, usually buy joint gifts or just go shopping to get what we each want. Last year, on our 20th Christmas together, he surprised me with a Kindle. It was the best gift because I knew his heart was in it!

  13. My sewing machine (if we are talking inanimate objects because if we weren’t it would be my family;) Thanks

  14. Adorable! My sewing machine is my favorite gift. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  15. I have received lots of gifts so hard to chose the favourite. Might be my sapphire earring/necklace set I got last yr

  16. This is so cute!! My best gift ever was my son, hope that counts;)

  17. I like the back of that apron too! It makes good use of the contrasting colors.

    One of the best gifts I got recently was a bunch of Japanese china from my co-workers as a going away present. It was totally unexpected and they are a reminder of the time I spent with them.

  18. I love this pattern! nice choice of fabrics!
    One of my favorite gifts I have ever recieved is a painting from a local artist of a mother nursing her baby. .My husband gave me this painting after the birth of our first child, and it have been a favorite since.

  19. My favorite gift was some ornaments made by my son when he was in preschool. He was so excited to give them to me. He has grown so much, but every year when I put out the ornaments I think of that cute little boy.

  20. Aprons make me happy and I love the detail in this one!

    Best gift ever: When my son was 3, he gave me a heart shaped glass dish from the preschool’s Santa Workshop. When I opened it, he said “hearts mean I love you.” It was just so sweet.

  21. One of the best gifts I ever received was an antique turtle that’s a bell used to summon people.

    Your apron is so much fun, love the pink accents. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. I love this apron! So cute! One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a scrapbook put together by my Nana that included photos of my when I was a baby along with some things my Great Grandmother had written in her own hand. It is very special to me! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  23. A family member sent us a check for $500 right after we moved 1000 miles away. I was shocked to tears since they had no idea how tight money was.

  24. About 10 years ago my husband gave me 2 cows for Christmas!

  25. The best gift I’ve received was probably the Claddagh my now-husband bought me to replace my mother’s that I had been wearing for 5 years since her passing. It was a very special and sentimental gift.

  26. One of the best gifts I received was Raspberry Earl Grey Tea — it’s hard to find, but sooooo yummy!

  27. I got a computer a couple years ago! I love it!

  28. This is a super cute apron. My mom and I both have a collection of aprons for all of our baking! One of my favorite gifts was a matching Elle necklace and earrings from my mom and stepfather. They are heart shaped with a pearl in the center. They are special because I work as a nurse for kids with congenital heart defects.

  29. That apron is adorable. I think one of the best gifts I’ve ever received was an electric blanket for my bed…I’m always cold and getting into warm sheets makes my day! =) Thank you for a chance to win.,

  30. A week at a spa, lovely relaxing gift.

  31. The best gift I ever received was a really good bicycle! What a great way to get some exercise. Love the lace-up back on that apron!

  32. My best gift would be the gift of Jesus and his death for me to save me from my sin.
    If you’re thinking of a material sort of gift, maybe it would be the black dress that my boyfriend gave me. Later I wore it when we got engaged;) He chose it himself and it fit perfectly.

  33. A dollhouse my dad and grandpa made.

  34. Ooh the back’s fun! Let’s see… I asked for an erector set (Meccano) for years, and finally when I was 14 they realized I really did want one! I had a ton of fun building great stuff. Of course, with the new baby on the way next month… my mother’s bought me a very fancy stroller set, so that might win!

  35. man do i need this :) the best gift i ever got was a cowl that a friend of mine knit me :)

  36. For my birthday last year my husband bought me an embroidery machine. Pretty freakin’ cool. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  37. That apron is so cute! :) I’d almost not want to wear it to cook in so I wouldn’t mess it up. My favourite present was a big collection of books by my favourite author, my partner gave it to me a few Christmases ago.

  38. One of my best gifts was a blanket my mom crocheted me

  39. My friend over at Blonde Catalogue always makes the best earrings for me!

  40. My kitchenaid mixer from my husband.

  41. Kindle from son last year at Christmas.

  42. my absolute best was my loft bed (homemade) … years ago, and by now given away to cousins…

  43. This apron is adorable! Love your fabric choices as well. Best present?? Hmmm, well after 2 (awesome) boys, my hubby has “given” me a baby girl! or at least that’s what 2 u.s techs have told us LOL!

  44. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God not of works lest any man should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9
    God gives the best gifts. :)

  45. My husband got me a corvette stingray when my youngest learned to drive. It is the best present I have ever gotten EVER!

  46. The best gift I ever received was my puppy one year for Christmas. I was so excited about it.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  47. My valentine’s day gift-a new sewing machine! Thanks hubby.

  48. Hello! Thanks for a great giveaway! The best gift are all the gifts I get from my kids! Happy Holidays! :)

  49. The best gift I ever received is the doctors word: You are cured. Cured from cancer.
    All the best to you and your family.
    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize.
    Kind regards from Germany.

  50. I love this apron, very cute and stylish. My favorite gift was a quilt given to me by my grandmother a few years ago. And another given to me by my sister.

  51. My sewing machine for sure! My mom got it for me the Christmas after I got married, 12 years ago. Nothing fancy, but I’ve gotten a lot of projects out of it :)

  52. the best gift i’ve received for christmas is a marriage proposal from my now husband of two years.

  53. One of my favortie gifts that I try to use almost everyday is my quilting cutter!

  54. Gorgeous apron! ohh thats a tough question. i think perhaps jewellery from my husband when we were dating… he was so cute about it!

  55. I love all the details especially the lace up back.

    One of my favorite quits is a jeans blanket that my grandma made from my grandpa’s jeans. It was a high school graduation gift that my husband and I use on our bed today.

  56. One of the best gifts I ever received was a pair of hand knit mittens.

  57. A full day of treatments and pampering at a deluxe spa! It was a from my husband for our first anniversary .

  58. I have received lots of lovely gifts over the years but one of my favourites is the beautiful quilt I was given as a wedding gift. It has pride of place on the end of our bed and gets pulled up over the doona in winter.

  59. I would say my son. I love him so much, of all things he is my greatest gift.

  60. My Aunt made me a quilt. Merry Christmas

  61. Oh, this would be at the top of the list! Another great gift – an English Saddle that I had dreamed about for years. It was my 10-year-old heart’s desire.

  62. My sewing machine! :-)

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    ulli-xox [at] web [dot] de

  63. My best gift started by my boyfriend inquiring whether I would open in front of my family. When I said yes, he expressed concern but said it was OK. He kept asking, being concerned and saying it was OK. It turned out to be a large stuffed frog with a beautiful green watch on one front leg. The frog a had zipper in his belly that I ended up using to store my naughty negligee!

  64. I got an open heart key necklace from my hubby last xmas i love it

  65. My husband got me a subscription to a flower arranging blog.

  66. My 80 years old grandmother made me a quilt blanket. She quilted the back and front. I absolutely love it.

  67. Beautiful work, Andi! You’re right, those grommets are killer :) Hmm, best gift ever received is probably the afghan my grandmother knitted me. Keeps me cozy year after year, and it’s made by my grandmother to boot — what could beat that?

  68. Oh, it’s so cute! One year, my mom gave me all of the Harry Potter books in hardback…at least, the ones that had been published up to that point. It was great!

  69. I loved getting my grandma’s aprons after she passed away. Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  70. I want this so badly!! Best gift ever? I know it sounds cheesy, but anything I get from my kids is my favorite. Though I do have one favorite besides that – the quilt my mom made me when I was little. My daughter uses it today and it makes me smile every night!

  71. My favorite gift I have received recently was a hand knit hat that my husband bought from etsy. It signaled that he finally got the fact that I don’t want mass marketed stuff that doesn’t fit – I’d rather support handmade!

  72. The queen size quilt my step-mom made for me. I love it!

  73. ohmygoodness, i LOVE your apron! the front is very fun, but you’re right, the back is fabulous!

    it’s funny, i was making sugar cookies today and thinking that i’d have to suck it up and make myself an apron, cause i had flour all across my front!

    thank you so much for the chance to win your fabulous apron!

    as for the best present i’ve ever received? books! we’re huge book lovers in our family, and i love that we always give books.

    honestly though, the best presents i’ve ever receieved have been presents that were ONLY for christmas. my birthday is right before christmas and i’m so tired of presents that are supposed to do double duty. it’s not the presents themselves really, it’s the thought, you know? i love it when friends give me a birthday card AND a christmas card!

  74. My mom gave me a quilt top made by my grandmother in the 1930s. That was what inspired me to learn to quilt, so it was a gift that really does continue to give. Merry Christmas!

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