Art Every Day – Day 5: Making Rainbows and Fabric Flowers

I’ve been working on two sewing projects today.

For the first, I got to play around with creating fabric rainbows for pencil rolls.  I love diving into the scrap bin and finding just the right fabrics , and no two rainbows are exactly alike.  I made four different variations today, but here is my favourite:

And since I was playing with scraps, and the holidays are quickly approaching, I decided to work on a project I wanted to make last year, and never got around to.  The first step: create a pile of fabric flowers.  Here are the first two:

They look even better in real life – night time photography is not my specialty, but I always seem to be working on these projects when there is no natural light available!

I am loving the opportunity to create art every day, and also to appreciate the art that others are making, too.  Take a look at some of the other participants and be inspired!

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