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Harvesting Herbs


I know I haven’t been writing here as much as usual.  Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me through this busy time and still read my posts.  You mean the world to me!

We have been extremely blessed this year with an abnormally mild fall.  Usually by this time my garden is frost-bitten and gone, except for carrots, but this year we are still harvesting lettuce, spinach, herbs and celery.  Oh the celery we grew this year!  Seriously, if you live anywhere close by and you would like to have your own bunch of fresh-from-the-garden celery, please let me know!  I am happy to share from our bounty.  I’m also considering sending all my friends bouquets of parsley and dill – what do you think?  🙂

This extended warm spell has also given me lots of time to harvest most of the herbs I grew this year (other than the basil, which faints at the first sign of cold, but luckily I already had most of that made into pesto weeks ago.)

I am pretty simple when it comes to preserving my herbs.

I pick them.

I brush off any dirt that might be sticking to them.

I freeze them in glass jars.  (We have a plethora of glass jars because they aren’t recyclable here, plastic bags would work too.)

I enjoy them all winter long.

That’s it. 

I make pesto with basil, and this year I tried to make a parsley paste of parsley and oil, which I froze in small clumps as I do with the pesto. 

I decided to try to do this with a mortar and pestle, because I heard that it is better for the colour of the herbs when you do it this way.  Next year I will go back to using my food processor.  The end result was not quite as “pasty” as I would have liked it, more like clumps of parsley suspended in oil.  However, when I’m tasting that fresh parsley flavour in our winter cooking I won’t be worrying about consistency.

Anyone else out there enjoying a mild fall?  How are you preserving your garden harvest?

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  • Reply
    Holly U
    October 27, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Wow, I had no idea that you could do so little to preserve herbs! Does it work with basil, tarragon and sage? Having a freezer in our garage is one of the best things we’ve ever done in the pursuit of eating local, and in not eating out as much. So many foods can be preserved without all the intricacies of canning under pressure.

    • Reply
      October 28, 2011 at 9:53 am

      Holly U – Yep, it works with basil, tarrogon and sage too! The nice thing is, you don’t even need to chop them, just pick and place in jars. When they are frozen, the leaves become crumbly so you just take a leaf out of the jar and crumble it into your dish.

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