Garden Harvest Cooking: Refreshing cucumber and lemon herb-infused water

We have had some hot weather here over the last few days.  And on a steamy hot day, what better for cooling and refreshing than a cold glass of water? 

But somehow, water can seem a little ordinary.  But add some cucumber and lemon and a handful of garden-fresh herbs, and you’ve got something a little special, but just as thirst-quenching.  Make it in a glass pitcher, and you’ve got something pretty to grace your picnic table.

Refreshing Cucumber and Lemon Herb-Infused Water

  • a piece of cucumber
  • a lemon
  • a handful of herbs (I like mint or lemonbalm or a combination of the two)


Slice the cucumber into rounds and place in the bottom of your pitcher.

Cut the lemon in quarters and gently squeeze to release the juice as you place it on top of the cucumber.

Finally, gently squish the herb leaves in the palm of your hand to release their fragrance and flavour and place in the pitcher.

Fill the pitcher with cold water and ice and let steep for at least an hour before serving.

We often fill our pitcher up with water a second time and leave it in the fridge for the next day with results that are just as refreshing.


How are you keeping cool on these hot summer days?

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5 thoughts on “Garden Harvest Cooking: Refreshing cucumber and lemon herb-infused water

  1. Tina

    Will definitely try this, thanks for sharing! Havent thought of adding a cucumber to my water yet. Makes me think you could also use a piece of watermelon… I love to make a sun brewed red fruit tea (cheap tea bags) and mix this with red multivitamin juice or cherry juice. Or just plain water from the tap most of the day.

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