Oddysea Quilt Finished!

My charm square quilt is finally finished! 

Of course, I had to make a trip to the fabric store before I could complete it because despite my large stash of fabric I had nothing suitable for the back and binding.  In the end I really love the way the  dark teal sets off all of the other colours.  And the back is a snazzy blue with gold dots (with a really nice sheen.)

I am enjoying free-motion quilting more and more.  It certainly gets easier with each quilt.  Machingers (quilting gloves), a quilting table and a darning foot have all made it so much easier.  Someday I might even work up the nerve to try a real “pattern!”  This time I just created some nice lazy loops all over. 

I realize that these pictures aren’t the best.  If I still had the quilt with me I’d retake them, but this quilt is now for sale at a local store – eek!  I can’t believe that after thinking about it for a couple of years I am now truly selling my sewing (outside of custom orders, that is.)  I hope there are people out there who enjoy buying quilts and pillows as much as I like making them! 🙂

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4 Responses to Oddysea Quilt Finished!

  1. Andrea – I really like your colourful and creative quilt! It is beautiful! You are very talented. How long have you been selling custom orders of your sewing projects? What products do you sell? Happy Birthday again.

    • Hmmm…I’ve been selling custom orders for awhile, all to friends who have seen things that I have made and ask me to make something similar for them. I have made pillows, cushions, curtains and bags.

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