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Hubby and I were away this past week-end visiting family.  It just so happens that the family we were visiting lives in one of the most beautiful provinces in the country (after my own, of course!) 

It was a true vacation, without any opportunities to work or be busy, and I loved being able to just enjoy my surroundings.  It is a beautiful world that we live in, isn’t it?

It was a gorgeous day to be at the beach.  It just isn’t summer to me if I haven’t had the chance to have sand under my feet!

You can’t travel very far on P.E.I. without finding water….

A true maritime picture!

I love that bright red sand.  I can never resist taking my sandals off and splashing around in the water whenever I am near water.  Walking barefoot on the beach (and in the water) is one of my most favourite things in the world!

This is what I call my “PEI Pedicure!”

On our final day we toured around to a number of places, but the highlight for me was definitely visiting the test gardens of a local seed supplier.  They had garden after garden of plants that they were testing for possible sale in next year’s seed catalogue.   I discovered many new things that I want to try in our garden next year (there goes more of our lawn…..) and others that were just fun to look at!

Black-eyed Susans – they always make me smile!

Echinacea is a definite must for my garden next year – so pretty!

I don’t remember what this is, but I think it might be an onion flower? 

I love the colour of this one.

And these look like giant puff-balls to me.  I have some in my garden but sadly the deer never let them grow.

It was so hard to walk through these gardens and not pick things (or pull weeds!  I actually did pull a weed in the veggie garden, I just bent down and picked it out without thinking….)

Don’t you want to just reach out and eat one?  Me too…it took a lot of restraint to leave these be!

The grapes were amazing!

Isn’t this a fun-looking sunflower?

This is a zucchini!  (and I thought mine were monsters!)

Beautiful squash!

Purple beans!  I am thinking these would match nicely with the purple carrots we currently grow.  After all, the world needs more purple food!

A sea of lettuces and cabbages. 

And one very interesting-coloured watermelon!  I think it was called Ruby Red – so tempting to want to pick one and see the inside!

It’s so fun to see such variety in a garden!  It really made me excited to get back to my own garden (and the beans and beets are definitely calling my name this week….)

Hope you are finding time this summer to relax and enjoy what is around you too!

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  • Reply
    August 20, 2010 at 1:46 am

    I love PEI! I have only been there once when I was around 14, but I really hope go to back one day. I am a big Anne of Green Gables fan, so that played a lot into my loving it. I remember it being so beautiful there!

  • Reply
    August 20, 2010 at 1:27 pm

    The colors in these photographs are wonderful Andi!! Especially partial to the green grass one that looks so luscious and the squash is so shiny:) I am glad you had so much fun at the beach.

  • Reply
    August 22, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Dear Andrea,

    I love your nature and garden photographs! You are a very talented photographer! My favourites are the one with the lighthouse and the one with the sunflower.

    I am glad that you and J. were able to enjoy a weekend get-away in Prince Edward Island. The Atlantic Ocean and the red sand beaches look inviting. Thank you for sharing the photographs from the test garden.

    I’ve waited my whole life to travel around New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. When I do travel to the Maritimes, I will definitely have to reunite with you. You could be my tour guide!

    Happy Sunday!


  • Reply
    August 23, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    Beautiful pictures!! I just want to live in that garden. 😀

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