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Ginger Cookies

Wow!  I was surprised by all the kind comments after the muffins didn’t work out.  I’m really not that upset – I knew going into this project that I couldn’t possibly like all of the recipes (remember the Ox head?) In the long run of all the mistakes I have made in the kitchen (such as somehow taking the burgers out of the freezer to thaw last night and not actually putting them into the fridge so I discovered them on the counter just before dinner time all warm and unsafe to eat……sigh……) I was just happy the muffins were still edible! 

On the other side of the muffin card was a recipe for ginger cookies:

I love directions like “remove from fire.”  It reminds me of just how old some of these recipes are….

I once again substituted butter for the shortening and melted 1/4 cup of it along with 1/3 cup blackstrap molasses in a pot on the stove.  Unless you love the taste of blackstrap molasses I wouldn’t use it, because it is really overpowering.   In fact my finished cookies should be called molasses cookies, because that really was the dominant flavour.

While that was cooling I mixed 1 1/4 cups of whole wheat pastry flour, 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of ginger and a tablespoon of orange rind into a big bowl.   Then I poured in the molasses and butter and mixed it up.

It looked like a gooey sticky mess and I couldn’t imagine how this would ever turn into something I could roll out and cut cookies from.

Oh me of little faith… 

After an hour in the fridge and a dusting of flour it was ready for the cookie cutter.

I chose to cut out cats, because, if I’m going to go to all the trouble to roll out the dough and use cookie cutters I am going to use something fun. 

Then I placed them on a greased cookie sheet and baked burnt them for 10 minutes at 375.  Yep.  Burnt beyond edibility.

So I turned down the temperature to 350 and put them in for 8 minutes.

And burnt them again.  Just around the edges.  And the molasses makes them dark anyway so I pretended not to notice. 

Notes to self – use fancy molasses and bake for less than 8 minutes and WATCH CAREFULLY!

This is beginning to sound like a little too much work to make again.  Do you have recipes like that?  It’s not that I’m lazy, just that I’m not very good at watching things that aren’t really doing anything.  I start out ok but then my mind will start to wander and I’ll think “Oh!  This would be a good time to whip up some muffin batter while the oven is already on” or “hey, I should go see if the laundry is ready to come in” and off I will go and the thing that is supposed to be watched carefully will do whatever it is going to do in its own way on its own time. 

I am ok with this.  I think it’s good that I understand my own limitations. 

The finished cookies tasted like crunchy and slightly burnt blackstrap molasses.  Despite this all 14 of the ginger burnt molasses cats did eventually get eaten, which either demonstrates how great this recipe is or my commitment to wasting as little food as possible, I’m not sure which.   

I will leave you with this – try this recipe yourself at your own risk.  But if you manage to bake unburnt cookies that taste like ginger I’d love to know about it!  It might give me the motivation to try this one again….

And no need for sympathy notes, I haven’t spent my whole week eating burnt cookies and dry muffins, I also made some amazing treats using this recipe and they were so good!  I took a plate to a friend’s house and our husbands ate the whole plate between them in one evening.  Maybe I should have brought the ginger cats…. 🙂

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    Greta @ Mom Living Healthy
    June 10, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    Haha, I love the part about leaving your meat out on the counter…just a few days ago I left a whole pan of meatloat that I was going to freeze out on the counter the ENTIRE night and had to throw it away. I tried to take it in stride though…what else can you do 🙂

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